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How is Colibri different?

We are dedicated validators only and not venture capitalists. We are uber enthusiastic about the potential that $AZERO can bring to the blockchain space and to the world. We intend to build a small community of $AZERO enthusiasts and provide education about the network through our blog. We are in the process of purchasing an equivalent carbon footprint that our validator might emit so our entity becomes carbon-free.

Who is managing Colibri?

We were among the first to adopt Aleph Zero. Our personal identity is verified by the $AZERO team through KYC. (the team does not take any responsibility for the validator’s action)

Will I be in control of my $AZERO after nominating a validator?

You will be in absolute control of your coins. You will be delegating your voting power to the respective validator. You can choose to withdraw your coins as you wish. Unstaking has an unbonding period of 14 days. If you wish to change the nomination, you can do it without unstaking.

What are the risks of nominating a community validator?

If any validator is found to be cheating with the rules of the network, one would get slashed. Thereby losing partial funds. Mostly this is an unlikely event as the validator does not get any incentives for doing so. However, we recommend you nominate someone that you can entrust. If you would like to choose Colibri, we are available through our communication channels should you have any queries.

What is the minimum no. of $AZERO needed to be staked for a validator?

You need a minimum of 2000 $AZERO to stake with any validator. If you possess less than 2000 $AZERO, you can stake in any of the Pools. At the moment, Colibri does not have a Pool. Based on our merit with the community and demand in the future we might intend to start one.

How are the rewards paid out?

The rewards are auto-distributed at the end of each era (1 era = 24 hours).

Where can I see the APY/ number of rewards of $AZERO staking?

You can find the necessary information HERE regarding the rewards. Kindly input the details and you will see how many rewards get accrued.

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