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ARTZERO AMA - Insights on the Future of NFTs on AZERO

Discover ArtZero's secure and scalable NFT platform for all use cases. Learn from the community's questions and answers in the recent AMA session

1. Do tell us a little about ArtZero?

ArtZero is a fully-fledged NFT marketplace based on the Aleph Zero and Astar network that allows anyone to Discover, Create, Collect & Trade Aleph Zero-based NFTs. ArtZero aims to help promote creators by providing them with a trustless marketplace to share their art.

Get more information at:

2. Can you give a brief about the team and their experiences?

Brian, our Founder, and CEO, along with the majority of our core team, has been working together for over 5-6 years. Before our involvement in the crypto industry, we collaborated on various non-crypto projects. In the crypto space, we have worked on several projects across multiple networks such as Ethereum, TRON, Solana, and Near. Our team members have been friends for more than half our lifetime, which has fostered a deep understanding and mutual respect among us. And I must say we work not only for the job itself but more than that.

3. What is the ticker of ArtZero PMP NFTs?

PMP (Praying Mantis Predators)

4. What kind of support are you receiving from the founder of Sub wallet and Merchize founder and how will this be uniquely beneficial to ArtZero?

Subwallet and Merchize founders are our founder’s long-time friends. They catch up regularly. Both founders gave us valuable business advice and connected us to several partners. Particularly, Subwallet is a wallet that we supported on our platform and we are both proactive players in the Polkadot ecosystem hence it’s quite uniquely beneficial to us.

5. How much did you raise in funding? What are the different rounds you raised the money from? How much was raised per NFT in private/seed amongst 2500 NFTs?

We have been supporting the project financially ourselves. But along the way, we also got support from hackathons, bug bounties, and from Aleph Zero team as well. In the early contribution program, we raised almost 80K $AZERO for the first 2500 NFTs. The price then was 69 $AZERO per NFT. At the end of the program, we doubled up the amount that each one bought, so you can say it was 34.5 $AZERO per NFT in the end.

6. Congratulations on setting up the validator node and having many nominators, what kind of distribution is the community looking at and for how long? Is it going to be distributed only for a certain time or is it forever - as long as the project stands?

We will run the validator node for as long as the project stands, mainly to support Aleph Zero in maintaining the security and integrity of the network.

Information about the rewards can be found here:

7. What are the advantages of nominating with the ArtZero validator?

When selecting ArtZero as your validator, you can enjoy a range of benefits.

  • Firstly, you may receive $INW airdrops periodically and have the opportunity to earn significant rewards in $AZERO, $INW, and PMP tokens.

  • Additionally, 50% of the rewards generated by our Validators will be allocated to rewarding Predator stakers. This means that if you are a PMP staker, you can earn passive income through this mechanism.

8. Are there any plans of establishing a DAO for the ArtZero platform in the future? If there are any already, how much ownership of votes is distributed for the team and community?

We have plans to expand our ecosystem in the future, but for now, we are focused on the upcoming launch. As you may know, laying a solid foundation is crucial when building a house. Similarly, our project is currently focused on creating a strong foundation. Stay tuned for the next update!

9. Why did you choose to build on Aleph Zero?
  • Firstly, Aleph Zero is designed to be fast, scalable, and secure, which makes it well-suited for handling the complex and rapidly evolving world of NFTs. The Aleph Zero protocol uses a unique consensus mechanism called AlephBFT, which is a peer-reviewed consensus protocol that was presented at the Advances in Financial Technologies (AFT) 2019 conference in Zurich. Not many consensus protocols in Web3 space have been peer-reviewed and it is one of the key trust factors.

  • Second, Aleph Zero is a decentralized blockchain platform that is governed by its community of users. This means that the platform is transparent, open, and free from the control of any central authority or organization, which aligns with the ethos of the NFT community.

  • Third, the Aleph Zero blockchain is designed to be interoperable with other blockchain networks. This means that it can support cross-chain transactions and facilitate the exchange of value across different blockchain ecosystems, which could be helpful in the context of an NFT marketplace which is looking to support multiple blockchain networks.

  • Fourth, the team behind Aleph Zero has a strong technical background and a track record of developing high-quality blockchain solutions. During our 1-year building here, we have been supported greatly by a wonderful team, which has given us more confidence that we have been working with a reliable and capable technology partner that could help us build a robust and scalable NFT marketplace.

In all, Aleph Zero has been our great choice as the underlying blockchain for our NFT marketplace. As the Smart Contracts are close to being launched in the Mainnet, we have never felt so strongly about our choice as ever before.

10. Can you kindly explain SNFT for a beginner in the space

Get more information at:

11. How is your PMP NFT a valuable addition to one's collection?
  1. You will be granted a special passport that enjoys trade discounts of up to 90%

  2. You can earn massive rewards from staking them. As you may already have known, we share 50% of validator node rewards and 30% of all our Marketplace revenue with PMP stakers.

  3. You stand a chance to gain partner Airdrops and get whitelisted for exclusive opportunities.

Only 10,000 NFTs have been released, and there's no breeding mechanism. This makes it a valuable addition to our collection.

12. Are you planning to reward early testers in any form such as WL for PMP or any projects associated with ArtZero?

We've been running quite a few airdrops, and bugs bounties programs with rewards in PMP, $INW..., and will surely do that more in the future.

13. From the day of the Smart Contracts launch, when can we expect ArtZero to officially go live and when can we expect the public sale of PMPs to happen?

Our official launch will be soon after Smart Contracts official release. Currently, we are working hard to bring the best version with a good experience for our users.

14. Could you tell something to the community to conclude about ArtZero in general?

Keep building, and remember that good things take time!


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