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An Intro to DRKVRS

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Discover DRKVRS, a skill-based metaverse built on Aleph Zero, combining RPG gaming with social media elements while prioritizing community involvement, transparency, and user privacy.

The world of gaming is experiencing a paradigm shift with the emergence of metaverse projects that offer unprecedented levels of immersion and interactivity.
Among the most promising of these is DRKVRS,
a skill-based metaverse built on the Aleph Zero blockchain that
combines the best aspects of RPG gaming and social media platforms.
The developers behind DRKVRS are focused on creating a unique and captivating virtual world that values transparency and community involvement.


DRKVRS sets itself apart by creating an extensive world with a robust history, factions, and character archetypes.
The project aims to deliver an engaging experience where players can make meaningful decisions that involve risks, leading to outcomes that mirror the rewards and challenges in the game. DRKVRS is developing an intricate, interactive story with numerous challenges and opportunities for users.

The DRKVRS team is committed to involving the community in shaping the metaverse. Drawing inspiration from platforms like Minecraft, which has thrived thanks to user-generated content,

DRKVRS encourages players to contribute ideas for lore, quests, and marketing. Users whose ideas are incorporated into the game will receive compensation and be credited for their contributions.

This approach ensures the DRKVRS universe continues to grow and evolve based on the collective input of its users.

The Ambassador Program

Recognizing the importance of an engaged and supportive community, the DRKVRS team has established the Ambassador Program.

DRKVRS ambassadors will work closely with the core team to build the community and influence the project's development.

Their responsibilities include providing feedback, promoting the game, and fostering a positive environment for users.


DRKVRS has a clear roadmap in place, featuring key milestones such as worldbuilding, story design, faction creation, quest development, gameplay mechanics, and game economy. Like the development of successful games like Fortnite, DRKVRS will conduct public tests with a select group of ambassadors and active users before releasing the first playable location to a limited number of players.

The DRKVRS whitepaper, set to be published in Q3 2023, will offer a comprehensive overview of the project, including its game economy, tokenomics, and future development plans. This level of transparency mirrors the approach taken by successful Gamefi projects so far.

The DRKVRS team is devoted to maintaining transparency while protecting user privacy. Liminal, a privacy framework built on Aleph Zero, uses Zero Knowledge Proofs to safeguard users' identities and in-game activities. This approach mirrors the privacy-centric ethos of platforms, ensuring that "what happens in DRKVRS, stays in DRKVRS."


DRKVRS introduces Zealy Seasons, an exciting battle for supremacy within its metaverse project. With three distinct seasons, players compete for exclusive rewards and overcome challenging obstacles to prove their skills and claim victory.

The recently finished first season, "The Dark Sovereign," rewards participants who complete tasks and achieve the Bloodletter role and above with unique Seasonal Participation NFTs. These NFTs, including Spectral, Shadow, and Nightmare variations, are limited to each season, ensuring their rarity and collectability. At the end of each season, enticing rewards await. The winner of Zealy Season 1 earns the coveted title of "Dark Sovereign" and receives a customizable game character avatar collaboratively designed with the DRKVRS team. Their Discord username will be featured on the altar in the first location of DRKVRS, providing an exclusive item unattainable by others.

Players can also obtain rare NFTs. The top 100 players on the Zealy leaderboard receive the sought-after Spectral NFT. Those with "The one with the Beast" role earn the Shadow NFT and the Nightmare NFT. Additionally, all participants with "The Bloodletter" role receive the Nightmare NFT, completing their unique NFT collection.

Seasonal competition intensifies as the top 100 players from the previous season face off against the top 100 players of the current season on the Zealy leaderboard. With XP reset to zero at each season's start, fairness prevails. Exciting quests and challenges are continuously introduced, ensuring an engaging experience and further opportunities to win. Upcoming seasonal challenges will be starting soon.

Prisoner's Dilemma

One of the unique aspects of DRKVRS is the integration of the Prisoner's Dilemma, a classic game theory concept, into its gameplay mechanics. In the Prisoner's Dilemma, two individuals are faced with a decision to cooperate or betray each other. The outcome depends on the choices made by both parties, resulting in various possibilities. In DRKVRS, players will encounter similar situations where they must navigate the delicate balance between trust and self-interest. For example, imagine two players forming an alliance to take on a formidable faction. They can either choose to cooperate and share resources, increasing their chances of success, or betray each other for personal gain. The decision made by each player will shape not only their immediate outcome but also their reputation and standing within the game world. This is just an example of how Prisoner's Dilemma might be used but the actual usage in the game is awaited.

In conclusion, DRKVRS is poised to redefine the gaming landscape by fusing RPG gameplay with social media elements in a skill-based metaverse.

The project's emphasis on community involvement, transparency, and privacy sets it apart from other virtual worlds.

By learning from the successes of popular games and platforms, DRKVRS is well-positioned to create a captivating, immersive experience that will captivate gamers and non-gamers alike.


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