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Azerobots AMA - Revolutionizing NFT Trading with 555 Unique Robots

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Unlock the potential of NFT trading with insights from the Azerobots AMA, featuring 555 one-of-a-kind robots.

1. Could you please provide a brief idea about you and about AZEROBOTS?

I am the founder of AZEROBOTS, but I don't want to doxx myself here. What I can say is that I have been in the Aleph Zero ecosystem since the beginning of 2021 and I am the proud owner of a swag box.

AZEROBOTS is a PFP collection with a minimal number of NFTs. There are only 555 NFTs in our main collection, making us currently the scarcest PFP project on Aleph Zero.

2. What inspired the idea of AZEROBOTS?

I've been in the Crypto Space since 2017 and I'm involved in several projects.

When I witnessed the NFT hype in 2021, what I found most impressive was how strong communities developed within the different projects.

These communities were able to form a close circle that still holds together today.

Since I was able to discover Aleph Zero early on, I wanted to build a community like that. From this idea, AZEROBOTS was born in mid-2022 as one of the first NFT projects on Aleph Zero.

3. What is planned in the roadmap so far?

Next up is the OG Launch. We will open our Discord server to the public when the OG collection sells out.

We hope that a strong community will develop from the OGs, which will guide and support the project in the future. At a later date, the main collection will be released.

What goals the project takes on after that will be decided by the community, I don't want to be the only one driving the project

4. Could you tell us a bit about the nature of rarity and traits in AZEROBOTS including the item collection?

Each NFT is made up of one of -

six base layers and 30 different traits.

The Collection is randomly generated, and the different traits occur with different frequencies.

Consequently, the NFTs also have different rarity scores. We will publish the Rarity List after the Launch.

5. How did you come across AZERO? What motivated you to build on AZERO?

I came across Aleph Zero through a developer of another project. After reading the documents, it was clear to me that this project will be one of the most valuable Layer 1s in the future if they can deliver what they promise.

I kept an eye on the project and after the fair public sale and all the promises kept, it was decided that I wanted to make a contribution to the ecosystem.

After successfully launching NFT projects on other blockchains, I wanted to do the same on Aleph Zero.

Now that the team has announced the smart contracts, it is safe to say that it was the right decision to go with Aleph Zero.

6. Are you planning to add any utility for the community through AZEROBOTS now or in the future?

No further utility is planned at the moment.

We don't want to promise anything we can't deliver, as too many projects do just that and end up hurting the ecosystem.

Furthermore, we would like to encourage the community to suggest ideas on how to continue with the project.

However, we do have some ideas about what can be done in the future, but at the moment nothing is ready to talk about, so we don't want to promise anything here.

7. If any, what kind of partnerships are you planning to make in the ecosystem?

There are some ideas on how both partners can benefit within the ecosystem, but nothing concrete yet.

If there are partnerships in the future, we will of course announce them.

8. How much funds have been raised by the AZEROBOTS team? Are you planning to possibly create any DAO with any utility?

No funds were raised by the team.

We thought about founding a DAO but dropped the idea for the time being.

We would like to leave the decision to the community if there are enough people who want to contribute.

If this idea is supported, the community can also decide what the purpose of the DAO will be.

We would like to hold back here and state that after the launch we are just an NFT collector like all the others. (Of course, we will continue to do our best to make the project as successful as possible).

So the project will be handed over to the community in a way after the launch

9. How to get WLed to mint AZEROBOTS? What is the mint price?

Whitelisting of the OGs is already completed. The Mint Price is 30 $AZERO / NFT.

If you are not on the whitelist, don't worry, about 1/3 of the OGs will be available for public sale.

For the Main Collection we will be allocating whitelist spots in the future. The Mint price is staggered and starts at 20-30 $AZERO. (OG owners of course get one Free Mint per OG NFT)

To get a whitelist spot, we recommend to subscribe to our Twitter account, so you won't miss the challenges!

10. Are you planning to use any launchpads to launch AZEROBOTS or will you do the mint on the website?

With ArtZero, we have the possibility to launch our collections on an audited and awarded platform.

We are very grateful for this opportunity and will launch both our collections on ArtZero.

11. Could you tell something to the community about the upcoming launch and AZEROBOTS in general to conclude?

If ArtZero takes the platform live on the mainnet during tomorrow, we will go live with the Whitelist Sale on April 01 at 17:00 UTC. public mint will be on 1. April 17:00 UTC The Public Sale will start 6 days later on April 07 at 17:00 UTC. Since we still have to wait for the launch of ArtZero, the Mint might be delayed, so follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.

Furthermore, we are happy to welcome everyone in our community and would be happy to walk the further way of Aleph Zero together.


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Mar 31, 2023

Just a small correction, public mint will be on 1. April 17:00 UTC aswell 🔥

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