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GM Bears AMA: Morning Bear Hugs & Insights on the Future of Collectibles

Join the Fuzzy and Informative GM Bears AMA for Valuable Insights on the Future of Collectible Bear Cubs

1. Could you please provide a brief intro about yourself and GM Bears?

Hi, I am Ando, the creator and artist behind GM Bears.

I have been around the crypto scene since 2017 and have invested in many NFT projects over that time.

The idea behind GM Bears was to try and create a flagship pfp collection on the Aleph Zero blockchain and build on the already amazing community.

2. What inspired the idea of GM Bears?

It’s no secret that the NFT space is or at least was for the most part dominated by Apes!! There are many other amazing NFT projects out there but in every blockchain, the majority seem to be Ape based, so we wanted it to be different on Aleph Zero.

Whilst many will rightly see the inspiration from Okay Bears, an amazing project, we wanted to deliver our own unique collection based on a bear cub - I mean who doesn’t love bear cubs? They are so cute and cool all at the same time.

3. What is planned in the roadmap so far?

We have a high-level roadmap which is available to view in our Discord and on Twitter but we first have the major step of launching the collection and building an amazing community. We have already ideas for the future phases of the project but I don’t want to spoil too much as like everyone, I feel nice surprises are the best kind of surprises.

4. Could you tell us a bit about the nature of rarity and traits in GM Bears including the item collection?

Without giving too much away, the collection size is 3,333 in total. Within that 3,333 quantity, there are over 100 traits and also some ultra rare, completely unique 1/1 NFTs.

5. How did you come across AZERO? What motivated you to build on AZERO?

I’ve been around the crypto space for a while and I always look around at what new things are developing. The team, the product and the speed of the blockchain were all positives and I quite like the tokenomics too which is rare for me!

The Aleph Zero team have been building relentlessly during a bear market and when a team is that committed and dedicated then it’s a no-brainer for me.

6. Are you planning to add any utility for the community through GM Bears now or in the future?

In short - yes. The primary focus of this collection is art and community building, as I mentioned earlier I would love for GM Bears to be a flagship and great advertisement for NFTs on Aleph Zero.

I also feel a community makes an NFT collection far more appealing and successful than any utility.

We will however have holder-exclusive events and giveaways and we have a nice airdrop planned which will allow holders to choose which way they progress with the project. We have a lot of things planned for holders and I think it will be a steady but fun journey together.

7. If any, what kind of partnerships are you planning to make in the ecosystem?

We have already started collaborating with other projects in this space to help build communities.

A rising tide lifts all boats and for AZERO NFTs to be where they deserve, creators and communities need to come together.

The NFT space on some chains is quite toxic at times and we feel this never benefits anyone - creators, builders or investors.

8. How much funds have been raised by the GM Bears team? Are you planning to possibly create any DAO with any utility?

We haven’t carried out any fundraising and have dedicated a lot of our own resources so far with regard to getting the project in a suitable position.

We will use funds gained from sales to develop the project further and will of course take suggestions and direction from our community - at the end of the day, it is ultimately their project too!

9. How to get WLed to mint GM Bears? What is the mint price?

We have various campaigns to gain a WL and will continue to roll these out as we move towards launch.

Regarding the mint price, we have let the community decide this by voting in our discord and the prices will be $15 for WL and $30 for public mint.

10. Are you planning to use any launchpads to launch GM Bears or will you do the mint on the website?

We will launch on ArtZero launchpad. The ArtZero team have provided a huge amount of support so far and we love their marketplace so it just makes sense.

There are some great steps in place for protecting investors such as creator doxxing, and collection verification - all of which we have completed.

If you for some reason have not seen the marketplace yet - check out

11. Could you tell something to the community about the upcoming launch and GM Bears in general to conclude?

All I can say is we are ready, we are excited and we are here for a long time and a good time. We look forward to meeting lots of new people in the Aleph Zero community and seeing what other projects develop in this space.

We truly believe this blockchain is destined for great things.


Website: Coming soon!

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Dirk “dikkoMAN” van der Hoek
Dirk “dikkoMAN” van der Hoek
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