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Azeropunks AMA - Revolutionizing PFP NFTs on AZERO

Discover the Potential of new PFP NFTS in the block: Insights and Answers from the AZEROPUNKS.

1. Could you tell us a bit about you and Azeropunks?

GM Punks!

My name is Cynical (@CynicalCTB) and I am one of the five Co-Founders of AzeroPunks.

AzeroPunks started as a 10,000 NFT PFP collection with no real plan for utility. Our main goal was to help grow and support the NFT ecosystem while bringing more awareness to Aleph Zero. On witnessing the growth of the project over the past year we have had multiple conversations as a team on bringing utility to Punks.

We currently only have one utility plan announced which is our graphic novel

"The Legend Of Scatter City",

which will be available to our holders who will also get the opportunity to drive the story itself.

The team plans to announce much more in the future. How much we can do with Punks - totally depends on how well our NFT sale goes.

2. What inspired the idea of Azeropunks?

AzeroPunks was inspired by the original CryptoPunks collection minted on Ethereum, but we wanted to make them bigger and better.

The original CryptoPunks were awesome but since then there have been 100s of lazy derivatives that change a small portion of the art and claim it as a new collection.

Our skilled artist (@BertThaFarmer) has put a lot of work into AzeroPunks with multiple redesigns and rich backstories along with some very funky 1-of-1s.

Fun fact: We've had multiple conversations about moving away from the name AzeroPunks, as we feel it puts a bad light on us as "Just another derivative" but

we know through our actions we can easily stand out from the crowd.

3. Do you have any events planned in the roadmap?

After the AzeroPunks launch the first event will be the launch of our Graphic Novel.

The Legend of Scatter City will have multiple issues throughout the year and can be accessed by holding a Punk in your wallet,

Holders will get to learn all about the AzeroPunks and their fight for Decentralisation!

As the story progresses our holders will also get to vote at some pretty major plot points, driving the story in any direction they want.

As for the next steps in our roadmap, they're still top secret...

4. How did you come across AZERO? What motivated you to build on AZERO?

We came across AZERO purely by chance, we knew that we wanted to build and become part of the community but we were not sure how. The more we watched the AZERO team and the amazing work they were doing we knew it was time for us to start brainstorming.

I personally, (and I'm sure my team agrees with me) think that AlephZero will become an industry leader in the future. The hard work they are putting in right now to get their name out there is pretty special.

With SmartContracts set for March 30th we cannot wait to start our journey and support them any way we can.

5. The collection seems pretty complex with multiple clans and lots of traits, can you tell us about it?

The collection consists of 5 Unique Clans and 100+ Traits and 25 1 of 1s.

Some of our traits are specific to certain clans and some are compatible with everyone. This allows all 10k Punks to be as unique as possible while creating some super rare Punks!

The 25 1-of-1s are all drawn and not generated, a lot of work has gone into these, and many revisions and changes have been made to keep them both relevant and exciting!

We also have the 4 AlephZero co-founders in the collection, Antoni, Matthew, Michal & Adam. These are the first 4 Punks that will be minted on the network and will be sent to their wallets as a thank-you for all their hard work when smart contracts launch!

6. With the total collection being 10,000 Punks, Given that there are only around 45k+ AZERO holders this could mean 1 punk for 4 holders statistically, why did you choose this number & how much will the mint cost be per punk and what percent of royalties are you planning to charge?

We chose 10,000 NFTs as it gives us more creative freedom to build a truly exciting collection, 10,000 NFTs allowed us to add more clans and traits while still creating some truly rare and diverse punks.

The AlephZero holders/punk holders' question concern comes up a lot and we understand the concern. The Punks sale will run indefinitely until it sells out, this will allow everyone to have a chance to join us and also let new Punks too join the family as we start to deliver on our roadmap.

Although if Punks sell out fast we would recommend checking and sniping a Punk on the secondary market.

Mint Price: $50

Royalties: 2.5%

7. If any, what kind of partnerships are you planning to make in the ecosystem?

Currently, we have no set plans for partnerships but are open to speaking to all projects on AlephZero!

We would like to give a special shoutout to our friends at ArtZero & Subwallet who we've been working with over the past year and of course to the AlephZero team who have also given us some amazing support.

8. Can you get whitelisted for AzeroPunks?

AzeroPunks is a first come first served mint, we want everyone in the AlephZero community to have a fair chance at owning a Punk.

The mint will also be limited to 5 NFTS per TXN, there is currently no cap on NFTs per wallet.

9. Do you have an exclusive scoop for the $AZERO and Colibri community that you have not announced yet?

Currently, we have nothing to announce this close to launch but we will be sure to give the Colibri family an exclusive when the time comes!

10. Are you planning to use a third-party launchpad to launch AzeroPunks or will you host the mint yourselves?

In short, we are launching on our website.

We think personally that a team should be able to stand on their own feet, while we don't condone projects using third-party launchpads we find it speaks volumes being able to show we already have the capabilities in-house to create our own art, metadata, smart-contracts, website and launchpad.

11. Could you tell something to the community about the upcoming launch and Azeropunks in general to conclude?

AzeroPunks will launch on, March 30th at (Time is still TBC)

Keep an eye on our Twitter and join our Discord so you don't miss out!


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