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BitFunks AMA - The Future of PFP NFTs on Aleph Zero

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

In this exclusive AMA, join the creators of BitFunks to explore the exciting potential of their PFP NFT project on Aleph Zero ecosystem.

1. Could you please provide a brief idea about yourself and Bitfunks?

I am Shazib, Founder and Artist of the BitFunks NFT collection ( We are building a decentralized web3 community on Aleph Zero along with DAO Governance. I am a crypto enthusiast and an engineer by profession.

2. What inspired the idea of Bitfunks?

I have been looking into the crypto space since mid-2016 and always wondered what made this technology a potential breakthrough in humankind. I was fascinated by how these digital assets could bond multicultural societies despite different races and ideologies in web3. I always believed that many impossibilities can be sorted with a united community of similar beliefs. So here I created Bitfunks to unite the standalone Funks globally and tie them together with governing power for this project to escalate in long run.

3. What are the main events that you are planning in a the roadmap?

By building a community-driven project, we intend to implement a DAO governance (FunksDAO) for BitFunks holders. The possible future revenue-sharing mechanisms will be decided by the holders and we will inject a similar voting mechanism going forward.

4. What is the nature of rarity and traits in Bitfunks?

BitFunks collection consists of 3 attributes


Number of NFT's







There are some other rarer traits which will be revealed once our mint is complete.

5. What do you mean by mathematically symmetric to Bit-Index? Can you explain the same in layman’s terms?

I am a big fan of mathematics and had always aimed to make conceptual art which can be described in mathematical terms. I hence created BitFunks which was inspired by the OG Punks. Unlike CryptoPunks, BitFunks is algorithmically precise in terms of symmetrical bit-indexing numbers (2ⁿ), making this collection a masterpiece in portrait view and worth holding as generational wealth. In pixel calculation the art can be described as below:

Stroke: 16px = 2⁴

Grid: 32x32px = 2⁵

Canvas size: 512x512px = 2⁹

6. Are you planning to add any utility for the community through Bitfunks now or in the future? Are you planning to do funks staking?

The main utility is the Funk community itself. We will implement a DAO mechanism (which will be shared with the holders club) for the project along with a token to fuel the governance. Moreover, there will be staking benefits for the holders.

7. Do you have any partnerships planned in the ecosystem?

We'll encourage more creators to launch their NFTs under the BitFunks hood. Alongside this, there will be future collaborations with other projects and platforms in the AlephZero ecosystem (or others in general) for the beneficiary of our NFT holders.

8. According to Funkanomics, no funds have been raised by the Bitfunks team. Are you planning to possibly create any DAO with any utility?

We are planning to sell around 2500 NFTs in the public mint phase to raise funds for future development. The utility is endless regarding a DAO project (giveaways, staking rewards and other perks). We will be engaging our community for future decisions/development with DAO governance and in return, they will be rewarded for their contribution.

9. How to get WLed for minting a funk apart from crew3 quests?

There is an ongoing limited WL spot (Freemint) giveaway in our Discord server ( and through collaboration with other ecosystem projects. However, the accessibility to getting a Funk is countless. Anyone can mint in our public mint phase with as low as 8 $AZERO.

10. Do you have any exclusive scoop for the $AZERO community that you could probably share?

At the moment, no exclusive insights to share but who knows what the future brings to us 😜.

11. Are you planning to use any launchpads to launch Bitfunks or are you going to do the mint on the website?

We are planning to launch our NFT on ArtZero Launchpad (the #1 NFT launchpad in the $AZERO ecosystem) and are working with their team in the backend to make this happen. If everything goes well, we are good to go.

12. Could you tell something to the community about the upcoming launch and Bitfunks in general to conclude?

Initially, I started this art as a collectible. But by being in the AZERO community for a while now, we witnessed community growth and acceptance of our collection which drive us to find massive potential in terms of utility benefits for the holders. We hence decided to bring a DAO - based utility mechanism for the holders with a bigger vision. The Funks community is becoming stronger each day and we appreciate every contribution made by our community members towards the growth of BitFunks. I believe other community members will hop onto BitFunks and thus make AZERO - a strong community-oriented blockchain. I am truly excited to contribute to the AZERO ecosystem’s growth and welcome all the AZERO community members to Funk family.

Funks on Web3

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Hoşça Kal
Hoşça Kal

Omg, it will be huge! Amazing!!!!



Bring it on bro's! Instant PFP change! 🔁


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Pau Marin





The Crypto Revolution is Here.




$AZERO is the future! 🥳

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