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Our Philosophy and Story behind the name

The hummingbird story

One day, the legend says, there was a huge forest fire. All the terrified and dismayed animals watched helplessly as the disaster unfolded.

But there in the middle of the flames, and above the cowering animals, was a tiny hummingbird busy flying from a small pond to the fire, each time fetching a few drops with its beak to throw on the flames. And then again and again.

After a while, an old grouchy armadillo, annoyed by this ridiculous useless agitation on the part of the hummingbird, cried out “Tiny bird! Don’t be a fool. It is not with those minuscule drops of water one after the other that you are going to put out the fire and save us all! ”

To which the hummingbird replied, “Could be, but I’m going to do my bit”.

Witnessing its efforts, the animals, one after the other, started to carry water as much as they could, until finally, the fire was out and the forest was saved.

This tale teaches us that mutual aid is a strength and that everyone's actions count. We at Colibri trust in the same philosophy as the hummingbird legend.

We wish to bring decentralization to Aleph Zero by making our tiniest efforts as validators along with the help of our nominators, in the Aleph Zero community.

As long-time supporters of AZERO, we will be here to aid in the growth of the ecosystem to ensure our nominators can benefit from it. We believe every single nominee is equally integral, and their contribution helps bring decentralization. We plan to cater only to the $AZERO ecosystem, and will not be validating any other network.

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